What festivals should you attend when you visit America this year

USA festivals

Tourism is not just about visiting places just for the sake of seeing them rather real tourists try to understand the people they meet, trace the differences in culture and gain new experiences by learning more about the country they have visited.

America is a country which is regarded as one of the liveliest nations in the world. The Americans have a rich history; a history they are proud of however, these little aspects of their lives and culture are not visible to the common traveler unless he visits a set of cultural festivals that take place in America round the year. In this article, we will try and mention some of these festivals and which ones you should plan to visit when you tour to America.

To start with, the Rose Bowl Parade is a great tourist attraction partially because it takes place at New Year’s day. It is a festival marked with a magnificent parade which is attended by thousands of individuals from various areas however the parade is limited to Pasadena in California. This is different from the Super Bowl Sunday which takes place on the 1st of February each year which is another great festival you should attend.

The Mardi Grass in New Orleans is held between the second and third weeks of February. During these days, people party hard and try to enjoy the time of their lives. Tourists tend to love this festivity too and get their share of tremendous fun from late night parties. Another, the Calle Ocho Festival in March is an outstanding place too where you get to see the more cultural aspect of America. During the festival, people are presented with traditional Latin food and drinks to get the feel of their true origins.

The Skagit valley tulip festival is held in Washington each year during the season when the Tulips bloom. During the festival people from different parts of American and the world come and visit these beautiful flower fields while purchasing some too; this is truly a wonderful sight to see. You can also try the Fiesta Noche del Rio which normally takes place between May and August. The Fiesta portrays cultures of Argentina, Mexico, Texas and Spain through musical and dance performances which are traditional to these regions.

If you are a music and dance fan, then the Spoleta Festival can be another possible choice for you especially if you are there at the right dates. The Spoleta festival is home to some of the most amazing opera, dance and musical performances which can be thoroughly enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike.

Finally, if you want to enjoy something unique then you always make headway to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival where hot air balloons of various colors take to the skies to make it an amazing sight to see. Visitors can enjoy the view and also the races that are held there. To further add to the excitement, the visitors have a chance to get to the skies by taking a ride in one of the hot air balloons.

These are some of the few festivals that are held in the USA each year. There are definitely tons more that held in the USA however time and words permit us only this much. The idea was to give you the idea as to what sort of festivals are part of the American culture and why a tourist should.