Warm weather getaways in America during December

Warm weather getaways in America during December

The month of December brings frosty weather to the United States, and this is the time travelers seek for warm weather getaways. There are destinations namely South Texas, Hawaii, South Florida and Southern California that are reliable during winter for warm weather. Besides, it includes activities such as beach combing, surfing, and snorkeling. Make the most in these warmer getaways.

Stay Casual in South Texas
Venturing to South Padre Island, in South Texas means you enjoy this beach town. Throw away behind your ties and formal dresses and enjoy wearing your casual wear. In the beach town, the December highs hover to 70 degrees such that the Gulf of Mexico laps gently at the sand. Hop on a shuttle bus to the city to Port Isabel, that has historical museums and lighthouse or go on a boat tour to spot dolphins and porpoises, while you understand about local wildlife.

Hop in Hawaii Island
December offers a good weather throughout the tropical islands of Hawaii’s string. The average high in winter daytime is a balmy 78 degrees, while the nighttime dips around 10 degrees. But as you consider warm weather getaways, stick to the beaches. There are chances that the higher elevations of Hawaii’s bring cooler weather. For instance, on Haleakala volcano summit on Maui, there may be a jacket required.  You can go on a boat trip to Maui and enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling with sea turtles and friendly fish that appears in large schools. In fact, kayaking along the soaring cliffs or going boating along the coast is interesting.

Florida Keys Adventure
In December, there is no doubt that the Florida Keys are warm. They enjoy high daytime and little rainfall. It will have 72 degrees water temperature, and there will be a relaxing, warm temperature always. A wetsuit may be required only if you dive or snorkel in the Keys. Throughout the scattered 120-mile island chain, there are shallow reefs, shipwrecks and deep dive sites. Tourists can explore the pristine mangroves of this island and spot a sea turtle or a dolphin by kayak.

San Diego Sun
Southern California is prominent for its year-round mild weather. In San Diego, the average daytime in the month of December is never more than 65 degrees that is an ideal temperature to soak up in the sun, yet enjoy it as you need not break the sweat. Sign up for whale watching tour to spot the migrating magnificent mammals. Or view animals such as polar bears, gorillas and colorful bird’s paradise in the renowned zoo of San Diego’s. Tourists coming here can relax at any of the beaches of San Diego’s that is along the Pacific Coast and become stress-free. In San Diego, the Ocean Beach welcomes dogs, while Pacific Beach is dotted with beachside cafes and bars and San Onofre is popular for surf waves.