Toronto – The Largest Multicultural City in the World

Toronto is one of the most famous cities of Canada, located in the heart of Ontario province, it is the provincial capital and houses the largest population of Canada. The vibrant metropolis of Toronto is an entertainment, finance, and cultural capital of the country. The city is stacked with distinctive neighborhoods and embracing laid-back locals, Toronto has plenty on offer for inquisitive tourists. More than two and a half million people live in the city and the metropolitan population of Toronto is nearly six million. Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. The trendy Distillery District in the heart of the city is a restored Victorian era factory complex. It is now home to the city’s artsy; the fascinating galleries are spread throughout the Distillery District sharing the space with shops, brand stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Modesty is a probably the cherished Canadian virtue but Toronto is definitely the Hollywood of the Northern America. The most significant names from the entertainment industry are engraved under the foot in the segment of Kings Street that forms the Canada’s Walk of Fame. Toronto is best to explore in any season and any time of the year.

What Not to Miss in Toronto?

  • Kensington Market: It is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Kensington Market is a distinctive multicultural neighborhood with a dazzling labyrinth theme where vendors hock their ways to hippies and hipsters’ year around. It is flanked by cafes, vintage clothing stores, and myriads of ethnic eateries. The market is an authentic taste of multicultural Toronto.
  • The Art Gallery of Ontario: It houses a world-class collection of Canadian and international art items. The museum is home to over eighty thousand art exhibits ranging from the very first century to the present day. The redesigned structure of the building was unveiled in the year 2008 and the project was helmed by the renowned Canadian born architect Frank Gehry. The stunning glass and wood structure of the building was the first of Gehry’s work.
  • CN Tower: It is the highest freestanding structure in the world, and it is also the Toronto’s iconic and must visit destination. The CN Tower has a height of over five hundred meters. It is opened for the visitors throughout the year and offers some of the best bird-eye views of the city, as well visitors can enjoy the revolving table dine-in.
  • Queen Street West: To explore the clusters of fascinating galleries, nightspots, boutiques, and gourmet dine-in, visitors can tour the Queen Street West. It is one of the city’s most vibrant and dazzling district. The most famous landmark in Queen Street West is the Drake Hotel which is a destination for art lovers, culture vultures, and night clubbers, as well it offers a decent dine-in option.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: It is one of the not-to-miss attraction of Toronto, it houses over one and a half million gallons of water for exotic wildlife. It showcases the best exquisite wildlife ranging from fresh water animals to deep ocean animals, over thirteen thousand sea creatures are located inside Ripley’s Aquarium with over four hundred different species, making it one of the largest aquariums in the entire country.