Top Amusement Parks in the United States

Hershey Park

Hershey Park:
It is located in the heart of Pennsylvania at the Derry Township. Hershey Park was opened for the visitors in the year 1906 and ever since it is attracting several million visitors from all over the globe. The park is entirely owned by the Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company and it has been awarded as the best amusement park several times in a row. Wild Cat is the park’s first iconic roller coaster.

Hershey Park has numerous roller coasters, rides, dining options, and attractions for all the ages. The most renowned and fun roller coasters in the park are the Storm Runner, Lightning Racers, Sky-rush, and Fahrenheit. Just because it’s a Hershey’s park the quality of food is quite appreciable and it is also known as the sweetest place in town.

Carowinds Park:
It is located on the North and South Carolina borders, founded in the year 1973. Carowinds Park covers nearly four-hundred-acre of land full of roller coasters, fun, entertaining spots, rides, and eateries. Carowinds Park has Fury 325 roller coaster which is one of the tallest and fastest with over ninety-nine meters of height and one hundred and fifty-three kilometers per hours of speed. Fury 325 is also voted as the best steel roller coaster in the world by the Golden Ticket Awards in the year 2016.

Despite the rides and roller coasters, and dining options, the park also features twenty-acre of land to the water park featuring the swimming pools, splash pads, water slides, and other entertaining water activities. SCarowinds is the popular Halloween event which held in the Park. The operating season of Carowinds Park for the visitors is from March until December.

Cedar Point:
Cedar Point is the country’s most leading theme park located in the small town Sandusky, Ohio. It is best known for the collection of rollercoasters and rides which reach seventy-two in number with sixteen roller coasters. However, the park encourages you to spend multiple days here and it resides some of the most luxurious onsite hotels.

There are quite many family attractions as well as the kid areas named as the Kitty Kingdom and Camp Snoopy which is full of rides, playing areas, and other attraction making a complete wonderland for the kids. Cedar Point has been voted as the most striking and appealing amusement park by the Golden tickets Awards sixteen times in a row. The fascinating live shows, cable car, and train rides are also the best entertaining attraction at the Cedar Point.

Six Flags Magic Mountain:
It is one of the most leading amusement parks located in Valencia, California. The Six Flags Magic Mountain holds up to nineteen roller coasters which are the largest number of roller coasters that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

It covers more than two hundred and sixty of land, despite the roller coasters; there are few family rides, fun attractions, and eateries that make it a perfect destination for the visitors. Six Flags Magic Mountain alone attracts over three million visitors yearly and it is opened for the visitors throughout the year.