The art and culture of historical places in America

USA historical attraction

The United States of America is a place which gains its roots from a very rich history indeed. It became what is known as the ‘Great Nation’ of today after a long struggle against a variety of different issues ranging from racism, freedom and technological advancement. The art and culture of historical places in America show exactly this.

It was a not a free country as it was under the oppressive rule of colonial powers for quite a lengthy span of time however with the will to oust their colonizers the Americans finally achieved their independence in the year 1776. This is the reason why the historical landmarks in America are directly related to their history and their art and culture signify the same thing. There are many renowned locations in the United States of America which are the highlight of any tourism plan. There are locations which are marvels of natural beauty while some are man-made structures in any case there is always the trace of history somewhere in these places.

You name the city or state whether it is Texas, California, New York or Massachusetts all these places have an astounding history to back them up. The J. Paul Getty Museum and the Hearst Castle are two fabulous places to visit in the California. The museums portray what is typical American art exhibiting some of the oldest cultural structures, paintings and architecture. It actually shows of the true side of the art and culture of historical places in America .

The Kennedy Space station in Florida is another place which boasts the level of technological advancement that the Americans have made especially after the Second World War in 1945. It is a must visit for the local and foreign tourist. Moving on, the National WWII Museum is another historical marvel in Louisiana, New Orleans.

Massachusetts has a fine historical taste of its own. It is the place where the first traces of a freedom movement were seen. It was the Boston Tea Party which kick started the campaign against the colonizers and thus this state has a tradition of its own. There are many museums, parks and buildings which tell the casual visitor the tales of the past. Missouri, Pennsylvania and quite a few other states also share a chunk of history and were home to some of the epic battles that were fought in the name of freedom.

Whether it is the case of a civil war or the war against an enemy outside of America; the Americans have come over the demons of the past and have learned a lot from their experiences in order to maintain their position as the ‘lone super power’ of the world or as the ‘land of opportunities’ and also as the ‘great nation’ that it claims to be.