Tale of a quite town in the Wilderness–Ely, Minnesota


Minnesota is the end of the road or the beginning of the road, depends on how you look at it. Ely is  the entryway to the Boundary Waters Canoe area which is the most visited place in the wilderness  in the entire United States. Ely, Minnesota sits at the frontier of the Boundary Waters Canoe area  and expansive zone of protected forests, rivers, and lakes that extend up to the border with the  Canada. The town is a collage of locals and visitors, a lot of trucks and adventure seekers roam this  place; each has their story to tell. Ely is also a home to internationally renowned photographer Jim  Brandenburg the most published national geographic photographer known for its intimate images  of nature, many of which are showcased at his local town gallery. Explore the Steger Mukluk as well.  Ely is filled with friendly locals and some with distinctive pursuits and always a good place to  wander about.

Wolves and Black Bears are critical to the people:
Perched on the verge of the wilds are several sights that you can only visit when you are here.  There is an International Wolf Center since the nineties the facility has educated the public and  done what they can to provide wolf advocacy through the special assistance of Ambassador wolves.  The center has informative exhibits, ranging from wolf biology and human-wolf interactions in the  depiction of the wolf throughout the history. The auditorium holds special presentations, and there  are many observation windows to watch the wolves themselves.

North American Bear Center a new facility, It gives their visitors a chance to observe the black bear  through different observation locations and teach about everything from past ancestors to human-  bear relations. How does a bear know which branch to pull down to get berries? Well, it taps the  base of the branch until it sees the berries move, what an intelligent animal.

Local Food Scene:
 Restaurants cater to fisher folks in outdoor adventure when returning from an adventure in the  wilderness that means the dress c