Taking Bus Tours to North


Taking a tour across the northern part of the US means you are going to have to be in for a road trip of a lifetime, stretching from ocean to ocean. Journeying from the East Coast, to the West coast is surely going to a thrilling experience. From the magnificent skyline of New York City to the inviting coastline and beaches of Los Angeles; it is going to be one heck of a ride. The lovers of nature’s wonders would likely be eager to sight the Yosemite National Park, in all its natural glory and splendor. The Yellowstone National Park also adorns this trail and would surely be a sight to behold for the first timers, as its volcanic hot spot induced hot springs and geysers are just so marvelous to behold.

When on a bus tour to and fro the North, expect to see the bubbly and vibrant cities of Chicago, and San Francisco as well as lots of panoramic views and vistas along the way. The North boasts of some of America’s extreme natural phenomena. The bus tours usually end with a guided tour round places of interest, on foot. You get to take a walk or cycle round the amazing city of Chicago. You will also be taken on a tour across the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; as well through the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown and the lovely North Beach. While in New York, you will get a chance to visit the American side of the Niagara Falls, and experience, first hand, the awesomeness of one nature’s wonders.

The Niagara Falls is just that breathtaking. It is one stop you won’t want to miss as make your journey across the North. You will also get to make a brief stop at the Amish community in Shipshewana Indiana, which is in itself a lovely small town with all those heavily bearded brethren basking and breaking bread in their beloved black attires. Tourists also get to sight the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. It gives off this Grand Canyonesque kind of panoramic view. It is indeed an amazing natural phenomenon to behold. Still, in South Dakota, you also get to see the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which is widely renowned for having the faces of four past US Presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln) sculptured therein on the granite surface of Mount Rushmore. It is a sight that captivates and leaves you in awe of the endless capabilities of man’s ingenuity. It also invokes that feeling of patriotism in the hearts of many who behold it.

Then you also would get to tour the cowboy country of Cody and Jackson in Wyoming. From where you will pay a visit to Grand Teton National Park, which also happens to be in Wyoming. The scenery of the Grand Teton mountain is just so surreal. It is an awesome place to visit. You can even get to ski there if you visit during the winter.