Single Men Travel Advice when globetrotting

Single Men Travel Advice when globetrotting

Traveling as a single man induces to several great benefits, but also includes challenges. Advice for singles while traveling is tailored based on woman’s perspective. It is not that men do not need advice on traveling. Especially, solo men face complexities and obstacles as they travel single. This begins with common sense and careful planning to avoid turning into an ordeal. Here is some of the travel advice for single men:

Commuting at night a licensed cab saves from becoming victims of assault or threat. Being a man also includes some risk. There may be seedy drivers who may detain the vehicle as per planned idea in some private road stretch. They may compel you or pull out weapons forcing you to yield to their demands. Even if your intuition does not permit, do not get into a taxi.

Single men traveling will prefer to stay in shared rooms hostels. Be aware that some dorms in hostels are co-ed and there may be a need to staying with females in the same room. So, check ahead about room arrangements before booking and try to secure a place in the all-male dorm. Spend some time in a hotel bar or the lounge so that you get to meet more people, regardless of where you are put up, whether it is an upscale hotel or some simple hostel. Hang out in an on-site bar or some common area offering a perfect setting to meet people staying on the premises.

Single men enjoy going out of town, and undoubtedly the clubs and bars attract people in hooking up. However, language barriers may hinder communication, though hand signals and smiles are enough to maintain a bilingual conversation between dancing and drinks. Travelers, single men can make new friends speedily, if you are an American.  Do not trust completely any new acquaintance, even if he is really charming. You can definitely show your male chivalry spirit by buying a drink to someone, you just met, but do not be at ease to give away your details. Always stay alert of the situation as mostly scam artists are the ones who act as friends and prey on tourists by earning your confidence. They may also rob you if you take them to your abode.

Sex Traps
Single men visiting bars and clubs while traveling will be propositioned occasionally by shady individuals. The gentleman’s clubs may woo patrons in association with drinks after long hours and send beautiful women, that by night, you will have to pay for an outrageous bill. Beware of brutish bouncers who may be firm to get the amount, or they ensure you are in a hospital. These things also happen in decent nightclubs minus the sexual promotion. Some thieves buy a drink and drug it and so avoid being too trustful or you will be robbed off. Pay up front, get your drinks and avoid taking anything from anyone. Be cautious with very friendly girls as well. In case you get carried away, consider safe sex.