Seattle – The Emerald City

seattle - the emerald city

The once residentially abandoned seaport and industrial hub has evolved spectacularly into the largest city in Washington. Comprising of striking urban landscapes with a high-rise skyline, Seattle shines brightly on the face of Washington State. The city has a rich culture with numerous festivals and hospitable residents. In midst the urban lifestyle of Seattle, a pleasurable living experience awaits the tourists. Driven by a growing economy and coffee, Seattle is a modern and energetic city, which takes pride in the frontiers of innovation with a coffee shop on every corner. Additionally, the city boasts magnificent mountainous sceneries which ranges from includes the ice pyramid of Mount Rainier National Park to the snow-capped peaks of Olympic National Park.

Exploring Seattle:
Developed into a modern urban city with high-rise buildings and huge shopping malls, Seattle is called the Emerald City as it shines out with its spectacular urban landscape. Spending a couple of days in Seattle can be one of the best ways to enjoy a retreat or vacation. Consisting of several parks, cinemas, shopping centers and beaches the city is a beautiful seaport that is home to several industrial organizations.

The modern structures and world-class restaurants are surrounded by a serene neighborhood consisting of glowing green parks and friendly residents. Besides its enthralling urban forefront, Seattle offers the nature-lovers regions with moss-laden trees and dense canopies such as the Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park. Seattle also takes pride in its hilly topography that results into spectacular structure and residential settlements.

Places to Visit:
Being a large urban city, Seattle offers a wide and diverse range of places to visit. Some of which are as follows:

The Space Needle
This observation tower is a landmark of the Pacific Northwest and an iconic structure of Seattle. It is not only a skyscraping tower but also an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the beautiful sceneries from atop its observation desk. The urban skyline of Seattle drowning in the misty horizons of the hills is a must experience scenery. You can also devour delicious meals at the SkyCity restaurant, which is located in the rotating panorama at top of Space Needle. Additionally, you can reserve for private occasions and enjoy the beautiful views with your friends in a convenient manner.

Woodland Park Zoo
A must-visit zoological garden located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo hosts several exhibitions on a daily schedule. This place is well-known for its conservation programs for supporting wildlife. Your participation in enjoying the engaging exhibitions also benefits the efforts of Woodland Park Zoo.

Pike Place Market
Having a history from the early 19th century, Pike Place Market remains Seattle’s neighborhood marketplace providing fresh, locally produced and high-quality foods, goods and other products. Pike Place Market not only offers a wide variety of products for purchase and retail, but also stands as of the most adventurous markets with winding alleys, huge stairways and multi-story structures. You can wander around the market all day long discovering remarkable artifacts.