Road Trips in America Are The Best In The World!

USA road tips

Hitting the open road with close buddies in the back, car windows down and the music turned up, that’s a cool road trip idea right there, and there are not very many things considered more American than that. Even though the game might have changed and you will certainly not need guidebooks and big maps anymore, the playbook remains the same and all you need to ask yourself are a few questions to help you plan the perfect road trip: where do I go? Which is the best route for a road trip? Well, you need not look further, you have come to the right place.

The American west coast features the most scenic highway, the Pacific Coast Highway. Built along the span of the coastline to give road users the best ocean views, and spanning over 1000 kilometers of stunning coastal towns, natural forests and seaside villages, this is definitely a trip you will remember. Your road trip will take you from the sandy beaches of San Diego through Malibu beach and West Hollywood, some of the most famed neighborhoods in the world. Then head to San Francisco, and wish this is where you had started your journey altogether. Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, an engineering landmark that has stood the test of time, and with the infamous Alcatraz Island in plain view, (the site of so many Hollywood movies), there is really nothing not to love about this place!

Going north from Los Angeles lies the town of Lancaster, commonly known as the Antelope Valley Freeway, for those adept lovers of fauna. Awesome stop overs in this route include the seven-mile Antelope Loop Trail, a high altitude lookout point within the valley where you can take in the eye- catching desert panoramas.

For those of us who reckon a trip on the East side, there are numerous places waiting to be explored. East Coast presents an appealing touch to tourists and fun-seekers alike. A road trip here may start at Cape Cod in Massachusetts, located out into the Pacific Ocean. Cape Cod is Massachusetts’s most famous city and has numerous top-class beaches, great rural scenery and an impeccable network of roads. Kick off your road trip at the peninsula in Bourne and head for a 60- Kilometer journey on a two –lane highway into Orleans where sea light houses that date back to the 18th century dot the horizon with quaint views. Here you may choose a stopover at the Cape Cod Museum of Art or a short beach rest, just mere meters from the road.

There are different reasons to select the road for great road trip. Some of us go looking for an adventure like before, others look for relaxation – to take in the nature. And there are those who choose the most difficult roads just for the thrill of driving there, the Skyline Drive in Virginia is one good example of such.

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with the best advice to help you put it together.