North America and Its Coastlines

North America

North America is very interesting region of the world in terms of tourism, history, culture and heritage; it is same region from where popular leaders of the world like Simon bolivar, cheguera and Fidel Castro hail from. North America has some beautiful tourist sites where thousands of visitors and tourist come every year to spend their summers and also winters.

North America and its coastlines are one of the most gorgeous places of the world; the coastline is stretched from San Francisco till Columbia or to be more precise British Columbia. These coastlines are an icon. North America and Its Coastlines are a worthy place to visit and is a very good picnic spot as well where you can always go with your family and spend your leisure time over these picnic spots.

North America and Its coastlines are also famous for the variety of climates they have, these climates can vary according to the weather and the existing scenario, however the common climates which are usually seen in North America and Its coastlines are extreme cold weather mixed with cold summers, cold winters along with cold summers, cold winters plus breezy summers and mild winters also.

South America is also blessed with tourist spots as well such as cape code which is comprised of about hundred different beaches, Niagara falls which is one beautiful scenery, Banff national park where you can spend your time with wild life and whimsical backdrop, volcanic national park where you can spend good time especially if you are crazy about camping, whistler is a place which you can always visit in winter season as it is well known for its skiing, though if you go in summer to this place then mountain biking and rafting can be good hobby to spend time with, you can also visit Myrtle Beach where you can enjoy your time listening to fascinating music through free concerts. However, it is highly recommended to join a guided tour along with a professional guide to enjoy skiing or rafting at its best.

North America is also famous for its zoo, infect one of the best three zoos of the world are located in north America, each zoo has its own attraction point with some providing you the best information about wild life, others famous for its exhibitions related to polar bears, sharks and other animals. If you are with a family then zoo can be a good place to go , wildlife is always interesting and seeing different animals and their species can be pretty fascinating to watch, especially if you have young children then a zoo is a good place to visit.

The coasts of north America are also blessed with five large lakes and all these lakes are a good tourist spot as you can release your level of stress by visiting these spots. The great lakes of North America are Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, St. Clair River, Niagara River and Saint Lawrence River. So if you are taking annual leaves for your vacation then our advice to you is that you must visit North America and spend some of the best days of your life in this beautiful region of the world.