Newport Beach – the City of Beaches and Fun

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is premier southern California’s beach city that is synonymous with the exclusive lifestyle that comes with living here. Residents of New Port Beach know that it’s not just another city or community but the embodiment of a culture that many aspire to live in. New Port Beach provides a sensory overload of unique and pleasurable experiences that locals and visitors enjoy throughout the year. Feel the ocean breeze, enjoy warm sandy beaches, or put on a wet-suit and navigate the barrels of some of the best waves in the world. Fresh seafood and five-star restaurants can be found throughout the city which offers a wide array of delicate dishes.

Fashionistas will stay on the cutting edge by perusing the countless shops at the Fashion Island. For a different kind of an island adventure, you can ride a boat to explore the eight Newport Beach islands or navigate your personal watercraft through the Newport Harbor to the Pacific Ocean where you are just twenty-six miles from the Santa Catalina Island. The wonderful feature of the city is the Balboa Peninsula which is known for the Newport Pier at McFadden Square.

It is a two miles boardwalk that leads you to the Balboa Pier in the peninsula point and wedge. The peninsula is home to many oceanfront and bay front homes connecting you the ferryboat from the Balboa Village at the fun zone over to the ever-popular Balboa Island where there are even more charming cottages, boutiques shops, and dining destinations to be explored and enjoyed.

Top Attractions of Newport Beach

Corona Del Mar State Beach:
It is established for the visitors in the year 1947 and it covers up to thirty acres of land. Visitors of Newport Beach tour this exciting and charming beachside for water sports such as surfing, boating, swimming, and lots of other entertaining activities. Corona Del Mar State Beach is farmed by the jetty rocks and cliffs forming an entrance of Newport Harbor from the east. This is a must-visit beach in this magnificent Newport Beach city.

Sherman Library and Gardens:
It is a stunning two-acre land full of charming patios, seasonal flower beds, conservatories, and fountains. The various sections in the part let the visitors explore different exquisite species of plants including the patios of Cactus and Rose plant species. It also resides some of the quite unique and appealing species of plants. Sherman Library and Gardens is the best place to soak in the natural beauty and it is open for the visitors from early morning until the early evening.

Balboa Fun Zone:
Balboa Fun Zone is the best and most recommended family amusement destination in the Newport Beach. It was opened in 1936 and ever since it is providing fun for all the ages. The major attraction of Balboa Fun Zone is its gigantic Ferris wheel. The breathtaking harbor cruises are also provided to sightsee some of the most charming bay-front landmarks and other allures of the region. There are also many playing areas for kids, dining options, and rides.