Napa Valley – Place of Finest Wineries in Napa County

Napa Valley

A legendary wine making destination nestled between the northern California’s mountains and it is a home to some of the lushest and diverse countryside on earth. Napa Valley attracts over five million tourists yearly, and it is considered as the most enticing place in northern California. In Napa Valley, visitors can discover the birthplace and heart of America’s winemakers and finest wines. In fact, there is a huge range of wineries in the Napa Valley than any other single region in entire the Northern America.

The allure of Napa Valley goes beyond from even handcrafted legendary vines. Indeed, this inspiring place entices visitors for its sprawling greenery, hot springs, renowned cuisines, vibrant art, golf and luxurious hotels, and this mere taste makes wine country lifestyle so legendary. Experience the art of living well, to enjoy spectacular scenery, exquisite wines, award- winning cuisines, and one of the most relaxed travel experience as imaginable.

Just over an hour from North San Francisco, the Napa Valley can be reached, and it is home to few distinctive communities. Initially the visitors will discover the city of Napa with historic Napa Mill and it meets with the Oxbow Public Market which showcases the region’s finest collection of farm-to- table, artists, food, and wine purveyors. As the visitors travel further into the valley, there lies a hamlet of Yountville which is best known for its gastronomic savvy counting the well-known French Laundry restaurant in the place. Continuing up to the Valley, visitors will arrive at the Oakville which is best known for its historical wineries, all leading to the heart of Napa Valley.

Saint Helena is where the winemaking began back in the eighteenth century; this charming town is focused along the Main Street, and it is extensive than a cultural hub of the Valley. Finally, at the top of the valley nestled at Mount Saint Helena, visitors will arrive at the various small town of Calistoga with its hot springs, fine wineries, and a warm welcome for an experience of a life to enjoy.

Best Thing to do in Napa Valley

Explore the Hess Collection Winery & Art Museum:
It is one of the most enticing locations to visit in Napa Valley. The museum resides thousands of artifacts depicting the history of the region and the establishment of the wineries in the region. Visitors can enjoy seeing the famous arts and even taste the finest wines in the museum.

Visit Castello di Amorosa:
It is a historic landmark in the Napa valley. The castle was built centuries ago and ever since it has been used as a winery and one of the finest tourists attraction, as there is so much to explore and enjoy in the place. It is open for the tourists from early morning until the late evening.

Enjoy at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park:
It is the largest park in the region with covering over one thousand and nine hundred acres of land. Bothe-Napa Valley State Park resides extensive coast redwoods and there are so many spots for sightseeing, picnic, hiking and exploring the wilds.