Minneapolis – Saint Paul, The charming Metropolitan & Twin Cities of Minnesota

Minneapolis – Saint Paul, The charming Metropolitan & Twin Cities of Minnesota

Best Spots to Explore in Minneapolis–Saint Paul
Paddling the Chains of Lake; getting out on the waters is a perfect way to spend the day paddling the Chains of Lake in Minneapolis is one of the top choices. Visitors can rent a canoe or kayak to paddle the way through the largest and deepest Lake Calhoun, Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles, or Brownie Lake. It’s a perfect way to escape the bustling city nearby. For a dose of history and fantastic views overlooking the downtown Minneapolis head to the museum and an observation deck on the 30th floor of the Foshay Tower which was once the tallest building in Minnesota.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is located in the southern Minneapolis which is the country’s largest urban wildlife refuge area covering over fourteen thousand acres of land in the center of the state. Step back in time at James J. Hill House & Museum which was built in the late 1800s. Como Town is one of the best amusement parks and a paradise for children which features many children-friendly rides, eateries, and countless attractions throughout its territory. Wood Lake Nature Center is also one of the best spots to tour, featuring many scenic trails and boardwalks through the lush cattail marsh, lowland forests, and picturesque prairie habitats.

Free Things to Do
All the cities of Minnesota are filled with many free activities to do. Minnesota is home to over ten thousand lakes and one of the most sightseeing falls is the Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Taking a walk around one of the many lakes and rivers is always a good idea. In summers, visitors can find outdoor movies around every corner; grab a blanket and snacks and enjoy the movie in one of the many parks in almost every night of the week. Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is free to visit and one of the oldest zoos of the region opened in 1897.

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is filled with magnificent conservatory, amusement parks, pool, Lake Como, a carousel, and golf courses. Take a stroll around the historic Stone Arch Bridge for the best views of Minneapolis skylines; it is considered as the second oldest bridge in the region. The bridge is located on the Mississippi River and connects Saint Anthony with downtown Minneapolis. For one of the best art exhibits in town, visit Minneapolis Institute of Art which houses over eighty-thousand works of art.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is also the most recommended destination to visit while in town; this eleven-acre park features lush gardens, green spaces, and countless art installations throughout the region. Window shopping is always free at the massive Mall of America located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The sheer size of the variety of attractions including hotels, underwater world, and an indoor amusement park in the center of the Mall of America make this spot a must-visit spot for the first-time visitors.