The Metropolitan Museum of Art – A remarkable stop for tourists

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – A remarkable stop for tourists

Are you an excursionist scheduling your next stopover in the United States? If so, then I’ve got a port of call for you which you certainly don’t want to miss. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City encompasses the most premier assortment of artwork from some of the most credible virtuoso artists around the world. In addition, it houses oeuvres dating back to the ancient Egyptians and years framing that period. Besides canvases, the museum is home to several antique instruments as well as weapons. Other origins of these entities include Byzantine, Islamic, Oceanian, Asian and African though additional origins of the artworks and sculptures may also be found.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s sculptures include mythical beasts, generally originating from the Greek and Egyptian era. These sculptures signify the prominence of these creatures in their respective civilizations. Probably the most enticing constituent of the museum is the historically oldest persisting piano, which is traced back to the early 1700s as well as antique violins, particularly Stradivari violins. Chinese and Islamic calligraphy can also be found here, along with other Islamic artworks which aren’t necessarily associated with religion, though scripts from the Quran are present. Visitors can explore this magnificent museum, holding over two million pieces of art, from the late morning until the late night.

What’s so special about it?
It is the most visited and the largest art museum of the country. This largest museum also offers guided tour to explore the entire museum. If the ancient Greek civilization inspires you, the Metropolitan Museum has plenty to offer for you. Numerous ancient Greek sculptures virtually appear as if designed in the contemporary days. You might have heard of the Greek chariot races, one of them is on display in the museum known as the Monteleone Chariot. These astonishing elements of the museum attractive millions of backpackers from the whole wide world, and you’ve got to be one of them. In 2016, a mind-blowing six and a half million visitors made their way to the Metropolitan Museum, which makes it the fourth most visited museum in the world and unsurprisingly the first in the United States. You can scroll through various tours on the internet with plenty of them offering experienced tour guide for your assistance, though many are present inside the museum premises. But of course, you’d fancy a private jet than a commercial aircraft.

Famous Art Pieces

Portrait of Madame X
It is one of the famous genuine painting kept in the museum which is painted by the renowned artist John Singer Sargent in the early 1800’s.

The Death of Socrates
The portrait is depicting the historic era of Athens, a French artist Jacques-Louis David painted it. visitors can see the genuine painting only at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bain à la Grenouillère
It is one of the unique art items kept in the museum, visitors came to see this art pieces from all over the world which was painted by Monet in letter to the Frédéric Bazile.