What are living costs in Seattle?


Seattle is popular for its caffeine addiction and is the band’s birthplace such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam and the rock giant Jimi Hendrix. Seattle offers a friendly, relaxed vibe. It has a robust music scene, world-class seafood, and great bars.

Standard Costs
Hostel prices for a shared room are from $28-40 USD per night. Private double rooms are around $70 USD. The budget hotel rates are from $100 USD a night.

Average food cost -You get dinner at $25 USD. Lunch and fast food are cheaper at $7-15 USD. The lunch places offer at $5 USD meals, especially in Chinatown.

Transportation costs – Taxis come at $15 USD for a journey of ten minutes. Metro bus tickets are at $2.50 USD. Check with Uber and Lyft, for over town visit.

Tips on Money Saving
Metro tickets are cheap at $0.25 USD. They are cheaper on the weekend and after the rush hour (6-9 am and 3-6 pm).

Get a City PASS – This is a discount ticket allowing entering the six Seattle’s biggest tourist attractions at a discounted rate. Eat in Chinatown offering the cheapest food.

Top Things to Do and See
Seattle Center, one of the city landmarks, offers an opportunity to view the city from the top. There is the International Fountain, the Science Fiction Museum, the Experience Music Project and Hall of Fame, the Pacific Science Center, the Outdoor Mural Amphitheater and Center House with its theater.

Wander at the Pike Place Market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront. This is the United States oldest farmers’ markets. This nine-acre area has countless shops, galleries, stalls and cafes selling crafts to fresh produce. For entertainment watch the fish throwers.

Pioneer Square is the place where the founders of this city settled for the first time in 1852. It is enveloped by classic red brick buildings and cobblestone streets. The underground tour is worth visiting offering a peep into the opulent beginnings history of Seattle.
Eat seafood at the Seattle Port. Enjoy the cleanliness and beauty at the Waterfront Park of the Port of Seattle and at Pier 66 the Bell Street Pier. It includes restaurants and pavilions tracing along Elliott Bay to the Pike Place Market. Bay Pavilion is a cry back to the waterfront featuring original wooden design. Taste seafood here without fail.

Visit Hing Hay Park as it is prominent for its musical performances and cultural events. Find a karaoke bar and drink bubble tea.

Visit the Woodland Park Zoo covering 65 acres and has over 1000 animals from 290 species. This zoo treats very well the animals and offers detailed education to visitors.

See at the aquarium the sea life. Go for good art exhibits at Seattle Art Museum located downtown. There are special exhibits always and the special nights have live music, interactive art activities and drinks offered.

The Ballard locks is a right place to watch boats. The tourists and locals can watch the boats parade at the locks passing, and the salmon passes between the salt and fresh water.