How to make your trip to San Francisco better

How to make your trip to San Francisco better

San Francisco is one of the U.S.A.’s most iconic cities. Located in northern California, it resides on the tip of a peninsula, and the water around it just adds to the scenic beauty of the city. But San Francisco has a lot more to offer than just great views. As far as iconic bridges are concerned, none come in comparison to the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge has appeared in numerous works of pop culture. Visiting this bridge is a must for anyone going to San Fran. Tourists should also go and visit Pier 39. It is packed with restaurants, shops, rides and arcades and the Aquarium of the Bay. The Pier is also home to the California Sea Lions Marina, and sea lions can be seen resting about from the pier.

The pier also gives tourists a view of Alcatraz Island, home to one of the history’s most infamous prisons. In the late 1860’s, facilities such as a lighthouse, military fortifications, and a military prison were developed on the island. It was then converted to a federal prison in 1934 and was operational up until 1963. The island and its prison are another addition to San Francisco’s many contributions to American pop culture. Any tourists going to San Fran should definitely give the island and the prison a visit. Another great spot for tourists is the Chinatown of San Francisco. The special thing about this Chinatown is that it is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia.

It is a great place for souvenirs and Chinese food.But Chinatown isn’t the only place for some amazing food as San Francisco is full of restaurants. The city has more than 4500 restaurants and more than 60 food trucks and vendors. All these options will cater to almost anything the tourist’s taste buds desire. San Francisco also has cable cars as a simple and fun way of moving around the city and taking in the sights and sounds. If a cable car is not your style, try a bus tour of the city. If the city life is just too much hassle for you, San Francisco has you covered. It has the Golden Gate Park, which is one of the largest urban parks in the world.

The park has an area of 1017 acres, filled with lush grass, gardens and 20 sports facilities. The park is also home to many other attractions such as the California Academy of Sciences, the de Young Museum, the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, the Conservatory of Flowers and the Koret Children’s Quarter. San Francisco also has the Presidio; a former military outpost turned national park and recreational site. It has many amazing sights and trails.

The Presidio is also home to the Walt Disney Family Museum, a great place to see exhibits from the past of everyone’s favorite cartoon maker. Another tribute to nature here in San Francisco is the Yerba Buena Gardens, an award winning facility. Located in the downtown cultural district of San Fran, it has museums, public art, and a children’s garden. It also boasts sports facilities like ice skating and bowling. San Francisco is an amazing city with tons to explore and see, just make sure to give every place its due time.