Honolulu – Capital of Polynesian Hawaii


The Polynesian capital of the Hawaiian Island chain: Honolulu still manages to be at service of millions of local and international travelers, looking to unwind and relax at the long sandy beaches of the Island. Apart from the beautiful beaches and landmarks, Honolulu has another nerve breaking sights to present to its travelers such as the tall skyscrapers and the rich heritage and culture flowing throw the veins of the Honolulu.

There is a wide array of activities to do while you are on your trip down there, a big list of activities include, hiking at the hiking trails, Biking, Eat to your fullest from the shops at the Chinatown. At the time of evening, cool off by dipping in the ocean.

Bishop Museum:
Bishop Museum is considered the Hawaiian version of the Smithsonian institute in the capital city, Washington. Bishop Museum showcases a wide array of historical rich artifacts which highlights the rich culture and heritage of Hawaii, not just Honolulu. The museum was created in the dedication of the Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. The three story building is wide-spread with the myriads of artifacts of the Polynesian culture. One could keep on gazing over all the fascinating pieces in the room for hours and still it won’t be suffice for him/her.

Bishop Museum features a big green lawn in front of it and there is a Science Adventure Center for children, where they can walk through the models of burning volcanoes and a lot of other stuff. At the main lobby, there is gift shop, grab a souvenir from there to remind you of your trip.

Kuhio Beach Park:
In case, if you are the type of person that wants-it- all then Kuhio Beach Park would be an ideal location for you. The park features swimming pools, canoe rides, surfing spots, open showers, music shows and a lot more. The park attracts a big chunk of tourist numbers, regardless of their different interest, it is guaranteed that they will have quality time whilst their time down there. The park perfectly summarizes Hawaii, the enclosed swimming pools, the big beaches, palm trees, and beautiful landscapes.