Hearst Castle – State’s Historical Monument

Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle, long standing tall White-Building in the Central Coast of California has always been a  notable landmark in the region. This epitome of art was designed by Julia Morning, an architect from San  Francisco. Hearst Castle has always been a center point for millions of travelers each year, despite being  located far away from any urban center in region.

Roll back in wheel of time:
Hearst Castle’s invitations were converted by the notable personalities in Hollywood and Politics, some  of the big names such as Winston Churchill, Charley Chaplin, and Franklyn Roosevelt. Hearst Castle was  originally an inspiration of the well-known mansion in the film Citizen Kane (1941), known as “Xanadu”.  Hearst Castle have always has a strict policy toward filming commercials and movies, but after the Hearst  Castle’s property donation to the State of California, only Stanly Kubrick’s Spartacus and Lady Gaga’s  music video has been given permission to film.

Upon donating such piece of art to State of California, only one condition was made by the Hearst family  that their family should be allowed to visit at any time. Although, the most of property has been converted  into a museum, the Hearst family continues to stay in the Victorian House on the property as retreat.

Design of the Architectural Wonder:
Julia Morgan was first approached by the William Randolph Hearst in 1915; he presented his idea of  making a bungalow. After consulting with the designer, the mere-idea of a bungalow was taken into a  greater proportion. The model presented by the great architects of the beautiful mansion they were about  to build, it contained all the aspects of the things the owner of the building experienced on his journey all  over the Europe. Originally the Hearst Castle of 56 bedrooms, they are not just the ordinary bedrooms, the  spacious approximately 40 feet tall rooms. It has the largest private zoo in California, a movie theater, a  private tennis court, and an airfield.

At the edge of the property, there is a Neptune Pool that provides a beautiful vista of the valley from the  hilltop. It has a front of the beautiful Roman Temple. Neptune was actually tear down and built thrice,  after the mind change of the owner, Hearst. All-in- all the building is still a symbol of pure architectural  beauty, and it is still a prime location of the travelers all over the world.