Glacier National Park – The Monument of Worldly Peace

Glacier National Park - The Monument of Worldly Peace

It is spanning the continental divide and expanding from northwest Montana into the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Here, on the border of Montana sprawls a million-acre national park and known as one of the world’s lush mountain landscape. Glacier National Park is more than a preserve; it is an outreach to Waterston Lake National Park in Canada and alpine back fence over which America and Canada clasp each other hands and say peace neighbors. Thus, these two national parks Canada’s and America’s formed the world’s first international peace park.

Waterston Glacier memorializing the longest and unguarded border on earth. Glacier National Park itself is a garden of ice sculptures as though chiseled by some tighten. Ten thousand years ago, these mountains were overwhelmed by lots of ice which juggernauts descents down the mountain sides; gouging and scooping out of the valleys. When the ice melts, the land emerges making lakes of meltwater. The harsh landscape of the Glacier National Park is softened by lush greenery.

Today, Glacier National Park is one of the few national parks with an Amtrak Train stop inside the gates. The highway named going-to-the-sun-road is an engineering wonder. It is one of the most scenic passageways located inside the park. It is winding up over the continental divide at the Logan Pass. A short excursion from the hotel to hotel can be made throughout the scenic views on the historically designed buses called the Red Buses. Many areas in the park have boardwalks to protect the fragile flora. For the seasoned outdoorsman, a Monumental Hike among the park’s many trails may be the choice. These trails span most of the park, from north to south; from the bank of Glacial Lakes to the Alpine heights.  The US and Canada Glacier National Park is a unique of monument worldly peace.

Glacier National Park Lodge 
The swiss-styled chalets and lodges, some even a century old, offer folks out west hospitality. The Glacier National Park Lodge is architectural harmonious with its natural surroundings. Inside, supporting its high-roof are pillars of Douglas firs from Oregon; forty feet high. It is also known as the hostelry big-tree lodge. Lake McDonald is built of rough-hewn cedar. There are quite many means to reach the various lodge of the park, some may choose to travel on food but the most recommended way is to take a horseback ride or even facilitate by the auto-shuttle service.

Things to do in Glacier National Park

It is one of the most suitable things to do in the park with over seven hundred miles of hiking trails with various scenic spots and wonders of nature.

Going-to-the-Sun Road
Visitors can also take park’s shuttle service to enjoy the scenic ride through the magnificent Going-to-the-Sun highway. It resides some of the best views of mountains, Lakes, waterfalls, and lush greenery of the park

There are over a thousand camping sites located in a park with abundant alpine lakes, and gargantuan mountains.