Getting messy in the outdoor scene of San Diego

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The birthplace of California, San Diego lying directly adjacent to the Mexican border, the city has a lot more to offer than big skyscrapers, raging nightlife, monuments such as Coronado Bridge, and Balboa Park. With an enviable climate, seventy miles of coastline to explore, it’s no wonder that San Diego lifestyle revolves around the outdoors. It is located on the California Southern Coast, and it draws kayakers, surfers, hikers and nature enthusiasts to the city year-round. Here are five ways to dive into San Diego’s outdoor scene.

Spend your time in the water for some Watersports:

More than four thousand acres plus at Mission Bay Park has twenty-seven miles of shore. It&’s the ground central for city’s watersports, which lead to a lot of boaters, water skiers, and kayakers.

Experience mystifying scenery by Hiking:
Spectacular coastal views and hiking can be found at the Torrey Pines State Reserve. It is more than seventeen hundred acres are home to eight miles of trails, and distinctively gnarled trees throughout the park that give the place its name.

Tip your toe in the water to check if the water is cold:
Surfing is one of San Diego’s most popular pass-time. Experienced surfers flock to Black’s Beach, located just down the south from the Torrey Pines. An underwater cliff just offshore causes some high waves that are ideal for surfers. A lot of novice surfers remain close to the shore because gets a lot deeper ahead. You can also find lifeguards at some locations. It is still not a good idea to pick up a surfing board and dive into the ocean without having to do it first.

Be brave and take part in some Hang-gliding:
Three hundred feet above the beach, you should enjoy the beautiful view of the Torrey Pines on the Hang Glider. It is considered to be the top spot in the country for hang gliding and paragliding. Did you know, many aviation pioneers including the Charles Linder has flown here.

The most common activity to do: Kayaking:
If you have ever been in San Diego’s coastline, then you would most probably expect kayaking being on the list. San Diego has a dramatic sandstone cliff, enchanting view of the blue water with beautiful scenery in the background, La Jolla Cove is a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts and Kayakers. The Cove lies within the San Diego La Jolla underwater water park ecological reserve, which helps to ensure that marine life remains plentiful.