Experience the Costal Charm of South Carolina

South Carolina

There is very special place, it’s a place where warm Atlantic beaches, the rolling hills, and the mountains of Southeastern United States joins together, it’s one and only South Carolina. The 78,000 kilometers long land of smiling faces and beautiful places. It is located between the Washington DC and Florida. Hire a car and travel comfortably from the beaches to the mountains of South Carolina, and along the way there is place to stay to suit your wishes, World Renowned resorts, Country inns, Holiday villas, Camping ground, and several other

comfortable hotels.
South Carolina is a place with something for everyone, let’s start here from the seashore:
Unwind Yourself And Walk On Coastal Grand Strand:
Grand Strand is more than a hundred kilometers of nothing but white-sand beaches and warm sunshine. The surface warm thanks to the Gulf Stream current, which pushes gentle breezes along the shoreline. The normal temperate in summer is 21 to 31 Celsius and from 8 to 16 Celsius in the winter. The grand strand is anchored by the one the most famous places both fun & sun excitement in the United States.

Myrtle Beach with the Combo of Every Adventure:
If sports is your thing, Myrtle Beach is perfect for you. There are amusement parks, camping grounds, miniature golf, water slide, beach volleyball and that’s just to get you started, if gold is your things: this is your paradise. Golf courses are abundant in the South Carolina it is often called the golf capital of the North America.
Around here there’s music everywhere, take your pick from many theaters and enjoy authentic American country music at Carolina Opry or Dixie Stampede, you are also going to love beach music and their own original beach dance, invented by south Carolinians just to celebrate the fun of being on the beach.

Food and Nearby Places:
Just a short drive from the Grand Strand area, you can visit some of the spectacular South Carolina sights like brook green gardens, the largest sculpture garden in the America. Bring your camera, and visit the nearby historic Georgetown, where rice plantation was once abundant.
South Carolinians love to eat, eating is a big event whether it’s the seafood or any local delicacy, you can be sure of one thing, it’ll be served with a smile.

There’s more which needs the Eye:
There is more to the upcountry than the natural beauty and great scenery, South Carolina is considered to be the national and international business Centre of America, with renowned hotels, raging nightlife, sports, shopping, and just plain fun for all.
In every part of South Carolina, hospitality and friendliness will greet you wherever you are. There is so much for you do, there is so much for you to look.