Dramatically Colorful Sedona

Dramatically Colorful Sedona

Sedona is one of the most beautiful city of the state of western Arizona, USA. Located between the Yavapai and Coconino counties. The population of this city is several thousands. Sedona is famous because of its red sandstones covering almost the entire city. Over fifty thousand visitors come to this place, recorded every year. The big towering red rocks and the jagged sandstone buttes put up against an always blue sky and sunny weather have beckoned to professional artists for decades. Also, many filmmakers have chosen these fiery rock formations in the north-central Arizona as the setting for big box-office blowouts such as “Midnight run” “3:10 to Yuma,” as well as “Broken Arrow”.

Sedona is a resort community divided into five sections, extending over several miles, Oak Creek Canyon uptown, Sedona Highway 179, and West Sedona has its own unique charm, interesting characteristics and scenic beauty all worth exploring. The Coconino national forest surrounds the whole community protecting its natural splendor from urban sprawl. The reason why this city is colorful because the sandstones in the city during the time when sun starts to rise or when it starts to set, the rays of the sun makes the sand stones look in dark red and orange color, and since the sandstones are all around the city, that makes it look more colorful.

Top Attractions spots 

The Chapel of Holy Cross:
It is a roman catholic church located on the top steep red sandstone cliff. It was built in year 1953. The building of this church is built in a quite attractive design by sculptures and ranchers. This is quite popular and it is evident from the fact that a number of bus tours leave for The Chapel Holy Cross daily. Mostly people come to visit this church to the beauty of it and the surrounding of amazing red stones. Visitor can also sit quietly in the chapel of this church and pray with the most breathtaking red sandstones.

 Red Rock State Park:
Red Rock State Park covers more than 286 acres of land. Due to the vast area, the beautiful scenery, red sandstones and no wild fauna, the possibilities of the things to do is quite high such as visitors can do hiking biking, camping and sit around the park to relax with an amazing view red sandstones covering the entire area. Majority visitors’ hike and camp out in the park.

Devil’s bridge:
The Devil’s Bridge is an area with approximately six feet wide sandstone path to cross, more than two thousand meters high from the ground level. Mostly visitors have to hike up this bridge in order to get to cross Devil’s Bridge. The scenery from this bridge is fascinating visitors can see the settlements with beautiful scenery.

Cathedral Rock:
Sedona’s most well-known landmark is Cathedral Rock. It is an enormous red sandstone with over 2.9 miles high from the ground level. The Cathedral Rock can be visible from all around the Sedona city. Visitors usually hike up to the top of this enormous rock to relax or camp out on the top. Almost the entire city’s hustle and bustle can been see with fascinating scenery. The point areas are peaceful on cathedral Rock.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village:
It’s a small area containing all the Mexican cultures crafts and artworks. There are quite famous items of art in the village for sale and as a showpiece. Thus, the handicrafts can also be purchased that depicts the Mexican culture.