Door County – A Wonderful Place to Get Lost

Door County - A Wonderful Place to Get Lost

If what you are looking for includes relaxing on beautiful sandy beaches, hiking along the Lake shore cliffs, feasting at an authentic fish boil or checking out any number of excellent lighthouses then Door County, Wisconsin is definitely your place. Door County is silver of a land that shoots out of western Wisconsin like a sharp thumb into Lake Michigan. Green Bay is on the western shore with the great expanse of Lake Michigan to its east.

Local Sites you must visit:
Door County has a reputation of being the Cape Cod of the Midwest, it is a land of boating, fishing, lighthouses, boutiques, cherry farms, and fish boils with so many towns so close to one another, you have the opportunity of experiencing a wide range of activities within a few days of time. Proving a perch of 75 feet above, Eagle tower in peninsula state park gives you a chance to appreciate the beautiful setting of Door County.

The water feels vast and expansive and the towns blend in as an aesthetic addition their surroundings. Far below boaters coast on the deep blue of Lake Michigan. With so much coastline both tourists and locals spend a great deal of time on the water is a perfect place for a beach volleyball, a romantic stroll on a relaxing summer day or destination for more adventurous appetite.

Food Options for Food lovers:
Within the interior of the peninsula, you will pass cherry farms and stores such as the cherry hut, offering any product made of cherries that you could imagine. For the hungry appetite, there is endless opportunity to get your belly full but the most famous have to be the L. Johnson Swedish Restaurant, located in sister bay Wisconsin. It is the most unforgettable experience. You know you are in the right place when you find goats resting on the roof of grass. Inside the L.

Johnson Swedish Restaurant, you can feast on a wide array of Swedish delicacies, pickled herrings, Swedish meatball sandwiches, Swedish pancakes, and a whole range of lingonberry products from jam to juice. There is also a gift store offering a perfect souvenir for folks back at home. For ice-cream head to Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor, and try out their best on the menu, you will not be disappointed.

In order to an interstate, you can venture out on a harbor out on a sailboat to savor the last rays of setting Wisconsin sun. You can book yourself a small tour with a captain on a boat, that will only help you provide the colorful history of the local people and a great chance to experience true Door County tradition. As you can see, Door County will provide any visitor with what they might be searching for whether it is natural park you seek, a unique cooking tradition or coastal adventure. You have to place Door County on your list of Top Destinations.