Colorado, a Peaceful and Magnificent Place

colorado, a peaceful and magnificent place

One thing that makes Colorado the best tourist spot is its unique atmosphere that is on work all year around. Colorado is known for its wilderness and national parks. It is really true, that no matter which time of the year you are planning your trip, winters or happy summertime, you are making a wise decision. Let’s see what Colorado has to offer to us.

Rocky Mountain National Park
If you are looking for adventure time with family, it gets further amusing if you start your trip from this place. Situated just a few miles from a little town known as Estes Park, this is the most popular national parks in the US where you can enjoy various activities like camping, fishing, horseback riding and in winters, skiing.

Mesa Verde National Park
Mainly Colorado is known for its national parks and it does have some of the eye-catching, unbelievably adventures places for fun seekers. Mesa Verde Park has its history that date backs to 600 AD and this makes it a historical place to be in. There is also a number of hiking spots that doesn’t require a ranger guide.

Garden of Gods
This is actually a place in Colorado which has this name and it is the most photogenic natural beauty. If you are not with family and looking for adventurous hiking time, you must see this place. There are several other fun activities to do in this vast valley/garden where you can see eye contagious and vast mountain lines.

Vail and Nervy Mountain Town
This is a most sought after place in Colorado where you will find plenty of ski resorts. Winter is a picture-perfect time to be at this place, the eye-catching view of beautiful mountain ranges covered with thick snow is really worth watching, especially if you are on a dive toward the ground 9600 feet below.

Pike Peaks
This place is situated at the height of 14115 feet and this is a national forest. There you can see 14000 feet tall mountain lines known as “Fourteeners” and the beautiful little town known as “Colorado Springs”. This place is packed up in summer but year around this is the best place to be with your family.

Black Canyon OF Gunnison National PARK
We all heard of Great Canyon but the real award for the most beautiful canyon goes to Black Canyon of Colorado. Steep cliffs, eye-catching beauty, and the shivering yet photogenic heights makes this place a warm welcome for tourists. If you are visiting Colorado first time, you must see black canyon of Gunnison national park.

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wildness
At 14 hundred feet above ground, this place on the first glimpse looks like a paradise. Especially in spring day’s when flora and vegetation bloom here and makes it colorful and breathtaking. This place is a must see especially if you like to take photos and want them to be memorable. There are a ton of activities and places to stay and eat at Maroon Bells.