Cedar Point – The Rollercoaster Capital of the World

Cedar Point

Cedar Point is one and only roller coaster capital of the world. You can find this amusement park in Sandusky in Ohio State and it sits on a peninsula which juts into the Lake Erie. Sandusky is small town mainly known for Cedar Point. The park is surrounded by the water and the only entrance to the mainland is a long narrow road called the Causeway. The park was opened for the visitors in 1870 and it is considered as the country’s second-oldest theme park. The park covers three-hundred and sixty-four acre of land and it attracts over three million visitors yearly.

There are numerous Cedar Point signs that can be found while driving through the town to the park. While driving on the Causeway, the magnificent view of the Cedar Point skylines enchants the visitors. The operating season of Cedar point is between the early May until the first Monday of September, and after that, it only opens on the weekends until the early November. Visitors from all around the globe visit this magnificent park as it’s the only amusement park which has five roller coasters with over 200 feet of height.

Rollercoasters & Rides:
Cedar Point has seventeen roller coasters and it is primarily recognized by the collection of roller coasters. The Millennium Force has been voted as the number 1 rollercoaster in the world by Golden Ticket Awards for multiple years in a row. Top Thrill Dragster is the first roller coaster with over four-hundred feet and it is currently the second tallest in the world. Cedar Point also has a Maverick ride which stays closer to the ground but quite fierce and fun.

The diversity of the rollercoasters in the park is outstanding and there is a rollercoaster for everyone. In terms of rides, Cedar Point has tons of them, not just roller coasters. There are up to seventy-two rides and the main thrill rides are the Max Air, Power Tower, Skyhawk, and Wind-Seeker. Cedar point has few of the oldest rides which are, indeed, in good conditions and amusing visitors as they were doing back in the century.

Entertainment & Other Attractions:
Cedar Point is not all about the roller coasters and rides, there are also quite many live entertainment shows throughout the year. Shows like the All Wheels Extreme, Rocking Country, and Lusty Lil’s Revue Musical Comedy Show are the best to have a delightful time. The most famous show is the Luminosity that only runs from June 5th to August 23rd. There is also a dazzling dance party with music and firework which is a great way to end the night at the Cedar Point.

There are also kid areas such as the Kitty Kingdom and Camp Snoopy, both of them has tons of kid rides including the Sky-ride and Lake Erie Railroad. There are also few water attractions such as the Snake River Falls, Thunder Canyon, and Shoot the Rapids. Dining options and food stalls can also be found throughout the park’s territory.