Austin – the Texan Treasure


Austin is located deep in the heart of the Texas state in the southern America. It is the capital city of the state and nestled along the Colorado River. The bustling Austin City has some of the massive skyscrapers. It is home to nearly a million people, and it has a distinct bohemian feel. Austin is the fourth largest city in the state and eleventh largest in the country. It is the self-proclaimed music capital of the world and a place where art is all around you, and it has a strong cultural distinctiveness. Visitors may find out that the locals have an affinity for self-expressions, guitars, celebrities, festivals, and quirky humor, and history of the state.

If we look at the history of Austin, it was born around the campfires of buffalo herders; the very first pioneers of the Texas wilderness in the early eighteenth century. However, the Swedish settlers from the 1830s stated this region as Govalle which means a good grazing land. Austin has since spread its wings, but you can still get the glimpse of the history of the area in the Austin Zoo, Zilker Botanical Garden, and Bullock Texas State History Museum. Austin is also rich in nature as compared to the other Texan cities; enjoy many outdoor activities at the Zilker Park, Lady Bird Lake, or head to the McKinney Falls State Park which is situated on the south of the city. Explore the quirky shops and places to dine in at the South Congress Avenue.

What to visit in Austin?

Lady Bird Lake: it is a great reservoir located in the downtown Austin on the Colorado River. Lady Bird Lake is the city’s finest attraction which was built for the Longhorn Dam. On the shores lines of this great reservoir are the parks, hotels, and restaurants. In the evening, visitors can enjoy viewing the dazzling reflection of the city’s skylines on the reservoir and dine in at the place.

Bullock Texas State History Museum: Austin is the city which depicts the history of the entire state; to explore the history visitors can head to the Bullock Texas State History Museum in the Congress Avenue. The museum is divided into three floors exhibiting numerous sculptures, historical portrays, photographs and authentic historical commodities. It is opened for the visitors from early morning till the late night.

McKinney Falls State Park: it is an enormous natural park depicting the city’s most beautiful natural attraction; the upper and lowers falls. McKinney Falls State Park covers over seven hundred acres of land providing visitors many outdoor activities such as the picnic, hiking, sightseeing the falls and unique fauna of the place. The park is opened for the visitors until the late evening and the best time to explore it is during the morning.

Blanton Museum of Art: It is the state’s most renowned landmark, and it attracts the visitors for its temporary art galleries, auditorium, shops, study rooms and café. Visitors can enjoy browsing the captivating Latin American art of the state as well as the contemporary and modern art.