A Trip through Oakland

A Trip through Oakland

Oakland has evolved very quickly with the rest of the United States. Once referred to just as San Francisco’s neighbor, it is quickly turning into the trendiest spot in northern California. The individuals who can’t bear the cost of the technological boom over at the Bay are making their home in the city and, welcomed by a variety of new eateries and bars, a solid feeling of vitality and group and a flourishing scene for art.Oakland, unlike its neighboring cities, hasn’t been exhausted of its spirit by cash and reestablishment. It’s esteemed for its social and class differing qualities. An amazing example of it is the 150 dialects that are widely used by people inside its fringes. All this coupled with local people’s pride in their town and also offering the flashing sea and great Redwood woodland treks, the regularly sparkling sun here even as it’s all chilly over in San Francisco, is irresistible.

First off, anyone visiting Oakland has got to visit Fairyland. It is a huge themed amusement park on the shores of Lake Merritt, and is the oldest theme park in the US. It was also what inspired the beginning of the now-famous Disneyland. Particularly aimed for families, its play-sets and tender rides are themed on Alice in Wonderland, Peter Rabbit to name a few; Even though it is not state-of-the-art like most theme parks these days, it still has the old school vibes to it that just give off vibrant happiness.

Temescal Alley should definitely be your next stop, with its old-school but hip neighborhood and shops. They have everything from handmade to vintage that will make you want to buy souvenirs to take with you. A few amazing mention-worthy shops here are ‘Esqueleto’ for gems, ‘Book/Shop’ for knickknack fortunes and ‘Ali Golden’, which offers amazing designs of clothing ranges. Another shop to specify is ‘Oaklandish 1444 Broadway’, a store that advances urban pride in its close-to-perfection made garments and embellishments.

The Oakland gallery Museum has all things Californian, is a low-rise widely spread building that has so much to offer. Visiting this amazing place will get you having so much fun that you will end up losing track of time and taking a million pictures while you’re at it. Besides that another perfect place to visit in Oakland is the Oakland Zoo. They have a huge variety of animals, each living perfectly happy in the home-like habitat created specifically for each species. A perfect day out can be planned by simply visiting this zoo and just taking one step in front of the other while you gawk at the amazing species of various animals in awe.

Since a decade or so, on the very first Friday of every month, Oakland’s exhibitions have composed a craftsmanship walk to showcase the inventiveness of the city. Presently called the Art Murmur , it takes in more than 40 areas, and close by it has given roots to another amazing festival known as First Fridays, that components exhibitions, sustenance trucks and alot of people just getting together and having fun. Basically, it’s a month to month party with a differing swarm filling a five-square extend of Telegraph Avenue. So if you happen to be visiting Oakland at the start of any month, you are in for a treat.