A delightful escape for adventure

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We all sometimes need an escape from our hectic routines, dull and drab life and plan to take out some time for ourselves. If you really plan for adventurous escape than the place best spotted will be Galapagos Islands for discovery and adventure. The Galapagos Islands actually consist of 13 islands situated 1000km from equator and are considered nature lovers; Paradise because these are the most unpolluted and unspoiled islands on the entire globe.

Unleashing diverse species in Islands
Here in these islands you will come across wild and rare species of animals flamingoes, iguanas, to marine species like sea sharks, whales, sea turtles, penguins and dolphins. The archipelago five islands present spectacular scenes as these are covered with dense forests, lagoons, lava fields, amazing bays and magnificent beaches. Let us see briefly what these islands have to offer.

Ascending Bartolommeo :
To have stunning view of the Pinnacle cone, you will have to ascend Bartolome, s volcanic cone, from here you can also have a look at the beautiful sandy beaches. You can also enjoy swimming with penguins and Galapagos here.

Delve into Isla Santiago:
You will have to traverse underwater caverns and many tide pools to reach sea lions, fur seals, Galapagos, sally light fool crabs and marine iguanas.

Darwin, Research center in Isla Santa Cruz:
This Island is abode to Charles Darwin’s Research station for endangered species. Here you can also learn about the giant tortoise breeding programmer in Darwin’s Foundation.

Exploring Isla Espanola:
This beautiful island is called as birders, paradise, here you can witness Darwin’s boobies, waved albatross and finches and abundance of bird and marine species.

Photographers Paradise:
For Photography expedition, many renowned and world famous photographers, researchers, documentary makes come to these Galapagos Islands. Here you can learn and shoot with top photographers, to get some useful tips in photography. You can also learn from National geographic photography team about shooting tips, photo assignments which will surely add to your skills and good status to your portfolio.

Underwater adventures:
To explore waters of Galapagos, many boats, kayaks, and zodiac cruises are there to assist you, snorkeling and cruising to pristine islands is an extra ordinary fun.

These islands have less human impact on the environment. It really is an ideal place for adventure.