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6-Day Chicago to Niagara Falls, Washington D.C, Detroit, New York and Baltimore Tour

Avg $560 per person

Tour Code : TBTCHI-0001

Duration : 6 day(s) 5 night(s)

Departure City : Chicago

Availability : Thu

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Highlight :
Visit New York City, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, Lancaster. Your 5 night's hotel accommodation and ground transportation in air conditioned vehicle is included in the package.


Our 6 days exciting tour begins with our drive from Chicago, where we pick up all the passengers and head to Detroit, the motor city. We visit the Henry Ford Museum, and also visit other famous landmarks of this historic city popular for its mechanics and music.


Henry Ford Museum:  Just outside Detroit in the suburbs, this National Historic Landmark, the Henry Ford Museum and is dedicated solely for the preservation and collection of the valuables in the history of America. Some of which includes the famous bus of Rosa Parks and even the Ford theater's seat where President Lincoln was sitting when he was assassinated. 

We stay at a hotel for the night looking forward to a satisfying tomorrow.

Hotel: Quality Inn & Suites North Youngstown or equivalent.

Named on its founder- Henry Ford, the automobile giant, this museum has an exceptional collection of objects depicting the American history and innovation over time. Among the museum collection holds the limousine used by the 35th American president, John F. Kennedy, the rocking chair of Abraham Lincoln taken from the Ford’s theatre- the site where the ex-president was shot, the great inventor-Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the aircraft masters- Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop and Rosa Parks’ bus ride in representation of the racist incident which made her arrested in the bus, which became an important mark in the history of American Civil Rights.

Today, we leave Detroit and head to Pennsylvania in the morning, and then carry on to Washington DC and visit its famous landmarks. There is also an opportunity to go on a cruise on the Potomac River.

Washington DC.

US Capitol:  One of the most famous and iconic buildings of Washington is this US Capitol building, for the past 200 years which has been the meeting and working place for the US Congress. Enjoy its enormous view, its architecture, the columns and the much celebrated dome.

White House:  Come see in person the world famous White House which is always seen in Television News Broadcast. This is the official residence of the President of the United States and also his workplace. The house is built in neoclassical architectural style.


Vietnam War Veterans Memorial: This memorial is dedicated to the memory of the many US Soldiers who lost their lives in the devastating Vietnam War. It is a popular shrine for the American people.


Korean War Veterans Memorial: This memorial was built to commemorate the American Soldiers who died serving the nation in the Korean War. The memorial is triangular in shape.


Lincoln Memorial: Visit this famous monument in Washington, of national importance, the memorial of the 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln. He was assassinated for the Emancipation Program which he undertook that successfully freed all the slaves in US.

And that marks the end of Day 2 and we retire to a hotel for the night.

Hotel: Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn or equivalent.

The cruise is available for a ride over the Potomac River scrolling along the view of the city’s greatest monuments and noteworthy structures in a glimpse. The visitors can have fun and relax in the cruise ride.
Located to the south of the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall, the Korean War Veterans Memorial symbolizes warriors who fought the Korean War. It is a triangular-shaped structure topped by a circle.
This building was built in 1920 as a memorial to the 16th President of United States, Abraham Lincoln. He was the President of United States at the time of the American Civil War. The building is constructed in a Greek style with a large sculpture of Abraham Lincoln and inscriptions of his two famous speeches over it.
Located just a couple blocks away from National Air and Space Museum, the US Capitol building is the meeting point of the Congress of United States. It has a white exterior built in a neo-classical style. It is situated on top of the Capitol Hill and its origins date back to the year 1800.
Built on a total area of around 2-acres, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was constructed in the memory of soldiers of the US army who were part of the Vietnam War. The memorial is known to have some controversy over the building’s design at the time of its construction.
Designed by the Irish architect- James Hoban in white Aquia Creek Sandstone in neo-classical style, the White House is the official residence of the US President starting John Adams, the second US President in 1800. It is located at the Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

We leave Washington DC and leave for Baltimore in the morning, where we visit its famous Inner Harbour. And then carry on to Philadelphia where we stop at the Independence Hall and see the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Square and the Congress Hall. Then we further move on to Lancaster and visit an Amish farm and house. And then we end up in New York, where we indulge in a NYC night tour.




Inner Harbor: The famous Inner Harbor which is also a popular tourist attraction has been a major port for the United States since the 1700s. It also has sports stadium, eateries, museums, shops, and also an aquarium.




Liberty Bell: This famous bell is a thing of historical interest, the cracking of this bell signified the American Independence and spirit. It is symbol of American Revolution and was crafted in 1752.


Congress Hall: The home of newly formed Congress and all its proceedings when Philadelphia was the capital of the United States used to happen in this very building. It is located just beside the Independence Hall, in the Independence National Park.




Amish Farm and House: Visit this beautiful world of the Amish people. They are popular for their reluctance to accept modern technologies in their lives, they prefer to exercise old primitive methods and techniques in their daily lives. This farm is over 300 years old and is meant for teaching the Amish culture and lifestyle to the people.


New York.


New York City Night Tour: We start with the Rockefeller Center and then move to the famous Times Square and then final stop at New Jersey on an observation deck, where get to catch spectacular panoramic views of the city.


That is all for the 3rd day and we reach a hotel to rest.

Hotel: Hotel Somerset, Holiday Inn Somerset, Hilton Parsippany or equivalent.

Amish are a group of people who are basically church fellowships who are known for following a simple lifestyle and have not adopted the modern ways of living. The Amish Farm and House comprises a 25-acre farm and a house with various rooms including a Church room, the Kitchen room, and the Bedrooms which has Amish-styled clothing hanging inside them, all quite elaborately explaining the Amish style of living.
Located at the mouth of Jones Falls in Baltimore, the Inner Harbor is a great tourist attraction. It is named after Lord Baltimore, an Irish Lord in the early 17th century. The port is surrounded by many food joints, shopping zones, museums, and sports stadiums making it a perfect tourist spot.
The Liberty Bell is an iconic representation of American Independence. The large bell is known for the Biblical reference of the verse “Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof”. Earlier known as the State house bell, it was used to call lawmakers to the legislative sessions to be held at the Independence National Historical Park.

Empire State Building: This world famous skyscraper, completed in 1931, is the second tallest building in New York. It was credited in 1986 as a United States National Historic Landmark.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art: One of the three biggest art museums in the world and the biggest in US, the Metropolitan Art Museum has got over 2 million art works.


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum: A favorite attraction for tourists, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has got its halls decorated with the wax figures of all those personalities who made worthy contribution in different fields.


Wall Street: The financial hub of the Western world, the Wall Street houses the New York Stock Exchange and several other exchanges.


Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum: It has in display the US Military history. Exhibits include things like real aircraft carrier from World War 2, and also recreations of life of military aboard a ship.


Statue of Liberty Cruise: Starting at the New York Harbor, the boat takes a loop of the Ellis Island and to take a closer and all round views of the iconic Statue of Liberty.


And with that ends our 4th day here and we go to a hotel for the night.

Hotel: Hotel Somerset, Holiday Inn Somerset, Hilton Parsippany or equivalent.

The main floor for observation deck is the 86th Floor of the Empire State building. This place has formed part of cinematography in many movies. You can locate the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hudson River, and the Times Square from an open-air observatory.
This museum was founded in 1982 when the founders acquired the ‘Intrepid’ aircraft which served as carrier during World War II and the Vietnam War. It also houses world’s first space shuttle - Enterprise in the Space Shuttle Pavilion. There are also 28 other restored aircrafts on display in the museum.
The Madame Tussauds museum in Washington is the 12th museum in the series of Madame Tussaud’s museums constructed all over the world. These museums hold waxed look-alike figures of famous personalities relating to myriad fields including culture, music, sports, television and politics. In addition to all these, it also showcases the sculptures of all 44 U.S. presidents.
Spread over 5 floors covering an 85000 square feet area, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum New York is an ideal tourist destination that especially emphasizing on New York City theme, acting habitat to brilliant life-like wax creations. The museum adds new wax figures after every few months to its already existing collection of over 200 wax figures.
The Rockefeller Center comprises 19 commercial buildings spread over an 89000 sq. meter Area. It is located between the 48 and 51st street of New York. It is considered to be a National Historic landmark since 1987. The area is famous for annual Christmas tree lighting. It is also the largest ever private building project undertaken in modern times.
The United Nations is an international organization working towards causes of peace, climate change, security, human rights and many other such social causes, since 1945. The United Nations building in New York serves headquarters to many of the member nations aiming at ensuring a sustainable development around the world. 3 additional headquarters of United Nations are situated in Geneva in Switzerland. Vienna in Austria, and Nairobi in Kenya. The building is located in Turtle Bay in Manhattan.
Wall Street of New York is famous for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ, because of which it has become the synonym to the US financial markets. There are also headquarters of some other less known stock exchanges in the area. It is an 8-block-long street running from Broadway to South Street in Lower Manhattan.

Today, in the morning we head for the Niagara Falls, where we experience the Maid of the ,Mist ride, see either the Thundering Water Cultural Show or else see  the Niagara Falls Adventure Movie, and also an in depth Niagara Tour is also on the schedule.


Niagara Falls, New York.


Maid of the Mist: Get up close and witness the Niagara Falls personally. Passengers will board a boat and will be taken under the curve of the roaring falls. The dense mist of spray in the air, it is one of those amazing experiences one can have in their life time.

Niagara Falls Adventurous Movie: A 45 foot wide movie screen which will show a movie prepared on the history of the falls and the human notable activities related to the falls, mostly the daredevil ones when people have boated, crossed and even jumped off.

Thundering Water Cultural Show: The show portrays the impact of the Niagara Falls on the local native people, their lives and culture, by using dance as the medium. For them the falls is sacred.

Niagara Falls in depth tour: This will allow you to experience the falls like never before. It takes you on a historical exploration of Niagara. See the old Niagara Fort and also the Niagara Power Vista.

And then we go to a hotel at the end of day 5.

Hotel: Days Inn, Comfort Inn Erie or equivalent.

Here, the tourists will witness 6 million cubic feet of water falling over the edge on the top line, right in front of their eyes. The Maid of the Mist ride helps you delve deeper into the falls to have a view like never before!
It comprises of a drama like dance performance that portrays the effect or the impact of Niagara Falls over Native American people and their culture.
The tour comprises attractions like the Niagara Whirlpool State Park and the Old Fort Niagara, a 300 year’s old fort that holds supreme historical importance. The fort is known to have played a critical role during the war between France and India, the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The Niagara Whirlpool attracts public as it is a 125 feet deep whirlpool and was formed around 4200 years ago.

Today we will be heading to Cleveland where we stop at the Rock and Roll of Fame and also go on a cruise on Lake Erie.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Located on the shores of the Lake Erie, each year musicals take place here, may be influenced from history.

Lake Erie Cruise: One of the great lakes in United States, lake Erie. Enjoy the scenic beauty you observe from the water. The skyline of Cleveland looks awesome. A great deal of opportunities for photographers.

And there it ends, our 6 day exciting tour of the US, carry home fond memories from the tour.


  • Air-conditioned transport services.
  • Taxes are included in the Tour Price.
  • Experienced tour-guide.
  • Hotel Stay


Optional Attractions Adult Child
Amish Farms $21.95 $14.95 (5-11)
DC Potomac River Cruise $26 $18 (2-12)
Empire State Building $32 $26 (6-12)
Henry Ford Museum $21 $15.75 (5-12)
Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum $26 $21 (3-12)
Maid of the Mist (Seasonal) $18.25 $10.65 (6-12)
Metropolitan Museum of Art $25 Free (under 12)
Native American Dance Show $21 $13 (4-10)
New York City Night Tour $25 $15
Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum $23.50 $14 (9-12)
Statue of Liberty Cruise $29 $17 (3-12)
  • All of the meals during the tour.
  • A minimum wage of $8 must be paid in cash to the bus driver and tour guide for mandatory fees services. Any child is also subjected to pay the service fees. In case the visitors take the tour of 2 days then the services fees will be paid separately for each day.
  • Some other service charges may apply, such as personal room, valet services or beverages or any other bar items.
  • Private expenses will be paid by the visitors.


How much baggage is allowed to carry?

It depends on two things; if the tour is via 14 seat minibus then only one piece of baggage is allowed to carry otherwise it is recommended to carry two pieces of standard sized baggage per passenger. Always keep in mind that this is a tour bus ride, the less your baggage the more happy and lighter you will be.

Is restroom available on the bus?

The answer is yes. But it is recommended that you use the toilet only when there is a personal emergency. If you can wait then you should know that the bus stops along the way after every 2 to 3 hours. It helps the Bus crew to maintain a clean atmosphere on the bus. If there is personal emergency and you want to use it urgently then you can ask the staff to open it for you. 

What can we do if we choose not to go on the optional activities?

Definitely yes, if you wish not to participate in the tour activities you have option to hang around the tourist attractions as you like to. Some folks don’t want to go along with the tour activities which they had booked. It is allowed to go on your own but before you leave you have to inform the tour guide so he get notified and also he can inform you on the return time. It’s not wise to dispatch the group without informing the tour guide.

I am a vegetarian, what options I have on this tour?

It doesn’t matter you are vegetarian or not, because at meal break you will be presented with list of menus to choose from. You can enjoy various ethnic restaurants, street foods, and fast food restaurants along the way.  Plenty of vegetarian meals you can look for from the menu.

Is the drop-off location the same as boarding location?

Yes, you will be dropped-off at the same location where you started your journey. If there is change in location you will be notified through tour Special Notes page. Also you can ask your tour guided, most probably you will be notified.

Will the bus wait for me if I’m late?

The answer is sadly no. Tour buses will leave on time. It is wise to be punctual and arrive at the departure location half an hour before the depart time. This is a group tour where group needs are preferred over single individual. It is difficult for the bus to wait so please be understandable.

What is the payment method that Top Bus tours accept?

You can easily pay through Visa and MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payments received are processed thru PayPal. The reason for that is to protect your transaction safety and provide you fast payment services. Cash is also acceptable with a 3% discount.

What happens if I don’t have PayPal account?

If you pay in cash you can also avail 3% discount and you should not be worried if you don’t have PayPal account. You can pay without it too; select the payment method when checking out for tour. First check as PayPal your payment method, then you will be preceded to PayPal checkout page. There you can see two options:

1)      Have a PayPal account; if you are paying via PayPal then simply transfer the payment to PayPal account.

2)      Don’t have PayPal account, Look for the check box that says “Don't have a PayPal account”, in the form fill your payment method (credit card) information which will be secured by PayPal’s SSL encryption, and after finishing the details click submit. That is all; your particular credit card will be billed as “PayPal TopBusTours”.



You buying a ticket will start reservation process no matter what you technique for payment is later on. The cancellation charge will be considered once you create your reservation. The expenses result from our travel and inn supplier canceling so as to cover losses and charges brought about by affirmed and pending bookings. All cancellation and correction notification must be made by e-mailing specifically to sales@topbustours.com or by standard US mail. Time of cancellation will be resolved when notification is gotten and affirmed by our office. We prescribe every client to completely assess our cancellation and money return strategy and also they should think about obtaining travel insurance too.

  • NO extra handling fee or fee of processing will be charged with the above cancellation penalties mentioned.
  • Refund shall NOT be available for any section of the tour which is unused by the customer after the tour has commenced, no matter what the reasons.
  • Cancellations are to be provided directly with Top Bus Tours, NOT with the service providers.
  • Refund is not available if you don’t show up on the date of departure.
  • When dropping any booking you will be affirmed through email of the aggregate cancellation charges and the refund amount. In the event that you don't get this email from us inside of 3 business days, please reach us as quick as possible.
  • All due refunds shall be mailed by US check. Your credit card will be refunded if payment is made by credit card. It will take 7 business days after receiving of your cancellation notices, for refunds to be processed.
  • Top Bus Tours claims all authority to drop or reschedule any visit/get-away trip bundle for any reason, including low demand. In the event that a visit/excursion bundle is scratched off preceding the commencement of the trip, Top Bus Tours just obligation will be to return any amount customers paid for reservation. Top Bus Tours will attempt to re-book the same get-away with an alternate takeoff date, or a comparative excursion. On the other hand, please remember that if this happens, it would be under extremely extraordinary and uncommon circumstances, so keep in mind that we will attempt our best to suit our clients' travel needs.
  • In unexpected events, such as booking ONE day before the departure day, your reservation can not be confirmed by the service provider, your refund will be sent back to your original method of payment without a fee.
  • Top Bus Tours cannot be held accountable for any other travel arrangements that get effected due to cancellations, by Top Bus Tours or by clients.

The below mentioned information is necessary if you have to apply for cancellation of your reservation:

  • E-TICKET Number
  • Your Full Name
  • Tour Name/Tour Code
  • Departure Date
  • Total Value of the Transaction
  • A small note on the reason for cancellation
  • Provide your valid email address in case if the cancellation request is not submitted by US mail

Change of an Existing Reservation

An expense of $30 per visit bundle will be charged for any change or update made to a reservation. The charges are (not exactly limited to the following): change of trip commencement date and area, alteration of visit/excursion bundle, include traveler(s) to a current reservation, and so on. To expel a customer from a current reservation, or update the trip commencement date inside of 14 days of departure date, the general Cancellation and Refund Policy will be put to use. Date Changes can be made just in the event that we can affirm accessibility on the new date. We can't promise that modifications can be made. If not, then continue to the standard cancellation and discount arrangement. You should present your Change of an Existing Reservation request by email (sales@topbustours.com) keeping in mind the end goal to assist the rescheduling procedure.

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